The gifts lie in plain sight

I can only laugh, it had been hidden in plain sight since 1996 when I read Celestine Prophecy, and since July 2008 on my journey back to my soul I’ve seen the message under every rock I turned over looking for the next step on my path.


But this last week a gift was bestowed on me in an Akashic Records reading with Vanessa Jean Boscarello Ovens and the message was expressed with  ‘cricket bat like clarity’ leaving no room for misinterpretation.

I have made many sacrifices on this path back to my soul, including walking away from an extraordinarily well paid corporate career and starting my own company to do work that is good for the world, but which the people with the cheque books don’t know they need and don’t particularly want to hear about.

The trigger point for me refocusing my life and commencing my inner journey in earnest was finding Shamanic Journeying in 2008, where finally I was presented with a way to personally experience proof for me there is something more than our 3D reality.

On my path since I have developed a very large community of friends who are Shamans, Psychics, Energy Healers and who collectively carry gifts that would blow the mind of the average person walking down the street if they believe the church and media propaganda that places ridicule around these things which would make a population much harder to control were they aware of their ‘birth-right’ to connect with their soul and see the world as it truly is.

As well as having many of these friends who have found their inner gifts and work with them in the world, I have many more who like me are seekers on a journey to connect with their soul and discover their own gifts.

Most seekers get little glimpses of the kinds of gifts that our more powerfully attuned friends embody, and commence a journey looking for the magic door that will complete our awakening and connection with all that we are.

Through my journey I have had many of my gifted friends share with me details of my potential, there has been great consistency in what they have brought through for me. I’ve been told that in a number of past lives I have been an Oracle, and in Ancient Egypt served the Pharaoh’s in this capacity. My great mentor Nicole Cody, and I laugh here because she embodies my newly discovered message 100%, told me I carry a psychic channel just as she does and which particular gift only around 2% of the population carry.

So I have waited, I have read, I have attended workshops, I have meditated and with every step I could feel myself getting a little closer. Yet the rest of my journey had been unclear still as to whether there were particular rocks waiting to be turned over.

And now I know, and as I write these words tears flood my eyes at the great peace of knowing.

The message was very simple. I have a new lady in my life, her name is Pj. She is a goddess and a beautiful soul, and she lives as much from the heart as any human being can.

The message was this “This one Pj was put in your path to show you how to complete the shift to living totally from your heart. Only when you are living from the heart, not the ego, can you be entrusted with your gifts.”

My task now is clear! Live in my heart, face everything with my heart, when things get tough go deeper into my heart and find more understanding. Do this and I am ready.

Might I suggest this lesson may not be unique to me? Might the journey home be as simple as ‘live from the heart’?

Was it ever about the modality? I think yes and no.

Yes the workshops I have done and the many people who have held space in wonderful groups of conscious people gave me a taste of being deep in my heart. Those experiences gave me glimpses of the greatness that lies within me, and within all of us.

But No too, because I dont really think what the modality was mattered so greatly. For me its been about doing the work of experiencing living from the heart and doing that more and more in ways that work for my lifestyle.

The wonderful thing is, it isn’t even hard, and living from the heart is the most wonderous state to be in.

The heart in my Authegrity logo was no accident ❤

Ura P Auckland
Conscious Commerce & Conscious Governance Facilitator

Image Attributions:

  1. Sun’s Cradle by Ura P Auckland taken in Egypt’s White Desert in 2014


    • Thanks Nicole, so true!

      I am so so glad to have finally understood what has been surrounding me for so long. It isn’t rocket science, it isn’t modalities (though the space one creates through them can be the heart experience that is the trigger for understanding), its very simply trusting the heart and forgoing the right to be righteous and in ego.

      I love you too beautiful teacher ❤

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