Ura – Taking on the name of a messenger

I am on the cusp of taking the step of changing my name legally from the name I was christened with ‘Phillip Stephen Auckland’ to ‘Ura Phillip Stephen Auckland’ which I will shorten in common every day use to ‘Ura P Auckland’ to maintain a link through the P to Phillip which I have been known as for 50 years.
Many people have asked me why I have taken on a new name. Some days I ask myself, and some days multiple times.
I’ve been living with Ura as the name I go by for about eight months.
Initially I spelt it ‘Ure’, which is how it was given to me, but the average person struggles to understand that just as the word ‘the’ which ends in ‘e’ but is pronounced with an ‘uh’ sound after ‘th’, Ure should have been pronounced ‘You-R-uh’. So I have been getting ‘Urie’ or ‘Uree’ as the pronunciation with the inference perhaps being that I am either a spoon bender or a Russian.
So much as I loved the spelling as ‘Ure’ I have decided I can make my path with this name less challenging if I spell it ‘Ura’.
In changing my name I have made my path harder. Not only that, I have done so at a time when I’ve been starting a new business and need to connect with people and make a positive impression. My new name is one that is totally unique to me in the world, and which tends to make people think either that they must have misheard me, or that I must have ancestry from some strange far off place.
So why would I take on this challenge? What is Ura about?
Ura is a name I am known by on spiritual plains. It is a name that belongs to my soul and which transcends lifetimes.
The name came to me on Friday 16th December 2011 through a new and dear friend and indigenous shaman who I was spending some time with that afternoon and who was connecting at the soul level, which by my observation is where much of his consciousness and focus goes most of the time as his natural way of being. He shared the name which was shared with him first through saying it, and on my question as to how he sensed it should be spelt he gave me ‘Ure’.
At first it was just interesting to have this other aspect of who I am as a being shared with me. The next day my shaman friend and I were travelling to Bangalow NSW so I could attend a 2012 Goal Planning Workshop with my friend Adrian Hanks and to introduce Adrian to my shaman friend as I felt the two of them needed to meet.  We arrived in Bangalow and as the Workshop started and before I had been able to say more than GDay to him, Adrian began the workshop with “Welcome all! I am going to begin today by asking you to take on a new name for the purposes of this workshop. This name will represent the powerful being that is your potential, and all that you are. Each of us is so much more than the person we tend to live our lives as with our human flaws. This new name will represent the most powerful version of who you are.”
We were outdoors under a shelter and I looked up to the sky and laughed heartily. My favourite comedian ‘spirit’ was having fun with me here. I did use the name ‘Ure’ that day and as I spoke it my voice resonated deeply and the name called to me on a deep deep level.
After the workshop Adrian and my shaman friend and I with another mate Dave who was also attending, chatted about my newly discovered name. I contemplated taking it on, using it every day. I got nothing but encouragement from all of them and it was feeling very right to me.
A couple of days later I was speaking to another good friend who is a Shaman, Churaig MacNiall who I knew had taken on the name Churaig which had been given to him from the spiritual plains. He described having lived with using his spiritual name in his spiritual community for spiritual work and sticking with his birth names in the conventional world, and shared the confusion he had felt and experienced prior to deciding that he needed to take on Churaig as his legal name and leave his birth name behind.
For me the soul is an important part of my journey through the balance of this life. My life purpose is to advocate, to write, to speak, to educate, and to advise in the space of Sacred Governance and Sacred Commerce. I am a messenger and a key part of my message in this space in the world is the place of the soul of every being in our world and the importance and sanctity of life. Furthermore the importance of the soul in my earthly journey has been shared with me from spirit clearly and directly.
When I connect with the energy of Ura, I am filled with the energy of the messenger, it invokes something in me. This is the energy I need to do my real work, to do the world changing work, to step into who I truly am, a man who has come to change governance and commerce for the better in ways that will be impactful on the world. As Ura I call on boundless courage to face vested interests, to face those who believe nothing can change, and to cut through the illusions that perpetuate a capitalist model that has consequences that are unacceptable to anyone who looks at the world through the eyes of their soul.
I am Ura, I am proudly Ura, and I will proceed now to take on this beautiful name as my legal name too.

Ura P Auckland
Sacred Governance & Sacred Commerce Advocate & Advisor
Principal – Authegrity

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