Books that impacted my journey 1961 to 2011

I am often asked by friends about the books that have been profoundly influential on my path.  So this evening I want to take a little time to reflect on some of them.

Around 1993 at age 32 I read Stephen Covey’s ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’. This book was a strongly values based book that resonated with a part of me deep inside. For several years I poured significant energy into developing Covey’s ‘7 Habits’. I was working at Mazda Australia at the time and developed a visual dashboard for my life which I printed on A4 sheets and placed under a sheet of glass on my office desk. I left Mazda Australia in 1994 and on visiting my old colleagues some months later found that my replacement had left them there and commented that he often drew inspiration from them.

We move on to when I was living in Lismore around 1996. My first wife and children had gone to Brisbane for the weekend and I had a commitment to a system changeover project that was going live on the Saturday. I completed my commitment on Saturday evening and had Sunday free. I remember sitting in a chair on the front verandah under the gums of the koala corridor we lived in listening to Merril Bainbridge’s album ‘The Garden’ on repeat and reading the Celestine Prophecy from cover to cover in a single sitting. Celestine Prophecy had been a book on a promotional stand at the local bookstore. Something about it just called to me, I couldn’t explain it, I just had a knowing that I needed to read it. As I read, I once again found it speaking to me in a very deep place. For those who dont know the book it was a novel that introduced new age spiritual concepts through an adventure plot set in Peru. It developed a massive following and for many people was their introduction to spirituality.

Celestine Prophecy resonated deeply with me, and I sensed much truth in many of the philosophies it introduced through story. It actually played a part in getting me another job in January 1997 when the CEO of PanBio (a company I had applied to join) and I found common ground in our values after a conversation about Celestine Prophecy.

From 1997 to 2008 my spiritual journey went into a pause for a while. The seven years with PanBio certainly helped develop my values, and its culture resonated very strongly for me. I have told its part in my story in another blog:

Then in 2008 came the major awakening that was to be followed by an avalanche of books and reading. The awakening event was the discovery of shamanic journeying when my wife Kim went on a weekend shamanic journeying workshop. When Kim called me at the end of the first day of the workshop she blew my mind with what she told me about her direct experiences of shamanic journeying at the workshop.

It would be months given my hectic business travel schedule at the time before I would be in the right place at the right time to attend a shamanic workshop, and so I began to read with my every waking moment outside my hectic worklife.

The first book on shamanic work was ‘The Teachings of Don Juan : A Yaqui Way of Knowledge’ by Carlos Castaneda first published in 1968. It was a great book and very instructive about what shamans understand about the nature of our lives and the universe. The parts that didn’t resonate with me so much were the parts focusing on the use of Peyote which is certainly a valid form of shamanic practice, but which did not call to me given substances are unnecessary for shamanic journeying. Never the less, this book and a number of others written by  Castaneda were a great introduction to understanding what a shaman is. Castaneda was a contraversial figure but his work is acknowledged as ground breaking.

Michael Harner’s ‘The Way of the Shaman’ and Alberto Villoldo’s ‘Shaman, Healer, Sage’ were two similar books following the stories of two anthropologists who have made it their life work to learn from indigenous shamans and to distill the knowledge shared with them into a form that could be shared with people in the west. Both were interesting accounts of interesting lives and of the incredible value of the knowledge of the shaman in tribal cultures.

Another early book following my 2008 awakening was Eckhardt Tolle’s ‘A New Earth’. This book had a deep and profound impact on me. To say it freed me would not be overstating its contribution to my journey. Tolle has impacted many lives and his work enabled me to realise that life rarely brings actual bad moments, and that it is almost always just our fears that create the bad in any moment. Being present to what is actually going on in the moment is the key to freedom from fear.

Another book that found me was Paulo Coehlo’s ‘The Alchemist’ when it jumped off the bookshelf at me when I was reaching for a nearby book. This is a brilliant fable and teaches great spiritual insight. As I sit here thinking about it I feel like it is time to reread it. I have found great wisdom in many of Coehlo’s books and would also recommend ‘The Pilgrimage’, ‘By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept’, and ‘The Witch of Portobello’.


Drunvallo Melchizadek is another author who I began a relationship with through a feeling about his book ‘The Serpent of Light’. Serpent of Light is a fascinating account of Drunvallo’s experiences working alone, with friends, and with spiritual leaders from many tribal cultures in important sacred ceremonies that were to help facilitate major energetic shifts for our planet. Drunvallo was an early test for my logical mind with how far his related experiences strayed from the version of reality that had previously been my accepted world. Crystals were a big part of Serpent of Light and it was while I was reading this book while travelling on business in the US that my third eye began to awake and I had an experience in a Crystal Shop in Encinitas California where even going into the shop caused a strong feeling in my third eye, and picking up different crystals caused feelings there at different levels of intensity. I have since learned to read these feelings and to recognise what feels like crystal I need to buy and take home for the right time or purpose.

I also highly recommend reading the two volumes of ‘The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life’. There is an incredible array of knoweldge included in these two volumes covering sacred geometry, knowledge of ancient civilisations, and powerful energetic work with merkabahs.

Another powerful subject for reading up on is the Akashic Records. There are lots of books on the subject. The technical book I have read on the subject is Linda Howe’s ‘How to Read the Akashic Records, Accessing the Archive of the Soul and its Journey’. The book was very straight forward and explained the concept of the Akashic Records as a perpetual record of all that is and has ever been that can be accessed as if it were stored in a hard drive. With the conventional view of time this concept is difficult to swallow, but through my shamanic work and my spiritual reading generally I have very clearly come to understand that time is nothing like what our commonly accepted view of it is, and that a commonly held view in spiritual and metaphysical authors is that every moment in time exists in parralel.

To understand how the Akashic Records have actually been used there is no better book than Thomas Sugrue’s biography of Edgar Cayce ‘The Story of Edgar Cayce :There is a River’ published in 1942. Cayce was a gifted psychic intuitive that could go into a trance state and answer any question about the state of existence of most anything. He used his gifts primarily for helping sick people who had failed in getting effective diagnoses by the medical establishment. Cayce would identify the cause of the ailment and the recommended remedy. He was also known to have accurately described the contents of rooms in remote locations. There is much documented on Edgar Cayce and his biographer tells that while many people tried to discredit him, none were successful in disproving his gift.

Next two related books. One of the most profoundly helpful books I have found in developing a spiritual way of thinking and achieving inner peace is ‘A Course in Miracles’ (ACIM). ACIM was a channeled book brought to the world by Dr Helen Schucman in 1976. The actual narrative is heavy going, but of immense value are the 365 daily lessons which are offered for the reader to incorporate as daily practices. The lessons are deeply powerful in shifting understanding to a deeper level.

The companion I would recommend to ACIM is a book by Gary R Renard ‘The Disappearance of the Universe’. It is hard to know how to describe Renard’s book. It sets about giving the big picture view of ACIM which ACIM does not do well itself due to its heavy going nature outside the lessons (in my opinion). The task to write his book was given to Renard and supported by two ethereal beings that visited him periodically over an extended period of years getting him to undertake the lessons in ACIM and master them in his life. It is a really interesting book and a great adjunct to working with ACIM.

An important book for those coming from a left brain logical background is ‘The Holographic Universe’ by Michael Talbot. This is a fascinating book that outlines a theory that the universe has much in common with a hologram which contains a lower resolution version of the whole in any part. The book moves into an examination of a great many aspects of the universe and metaphysics and importantly brings to the table a great many references to scientific work done in these fields.

Another good book for the left brain is a book which is so much more than its title would imply, ‘The Secret Teachings of Plants’ by Stephen Harrod Buhner. This is a brilliant book exploring the nature of our world, the brilliance of nature, and what we can learn through nature. It provides excellent insights into how science many times blinds itself to the true nature of reality.

Another source of much wisdom and understanding for me was the Kryon series of books which are channeled by Lee Carroll. There are about 15 Kryon books I believe and I’ve read about half of them. There is great wisdom in these books. Channeling was a bit of a mental leap for me to accept at first but the wisdom in the Kryon books and the knowing that comes as one reads them is palpable. Now in the fourth year since my deep awakening and the start of my serious research into all things metaphysical I now have a broad circle of friends who are spiritually gifted including people who channel energies from outside the physical awareness of most people in our world and I have direct experience that has satisfied me as to the reality of their gifts.

There are a great many more books which broadly would be described as spiritual fiction or semi biographical, but which I have found wonderful for allowing my mind to explore possibilities. Here are some of the ones I would most recommend:

  • Dan Millman – The Way of the Peaceful Warrior
  • Dan Millman – Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior
  • Chanson Duvall – Our Lady of Dreams: A Prophecy for the New Age
  • Gary Alan Gibson – New Earth Rising
  • Jason Matthews – The Little Universe
  • Jason Matthews – Jim’s Life
  • Linda Tuck-Jenkins – Starpeople : The Sirian Redemption
  • Erol Ozan – Talus
  • J. Douglas Bottorff – The Whisper of Pialigos
  • Rod Pennington & Jeffery A Martin – The Fourth Awakening
  • Johan Adkins – Prismland
  • Johan Adkins – Earth 1
  • David P Tangredi – A Fool’s Journey
  • Gordon Goulden – Put Your Hands Here
  • Roger J Didio – Atlantis : A Tale of the Earth
  • Darin Williams – The Lemurian
  • Sandy Nathan – Numenon
  • Rose Rosetree – An Empath Among the Righteous
  • J.M Debord – Something Coming – Book 1 and Book 2

I have found an iPad with Kindle software to be a wonderful reading tool. Many of the books I have spoken of are difficult or expensive to get in hard copy. Almost all of them are available through Amazon on Kindle and generally at very affordable prices.

One of the beauties of this digital age is the freedom it has created for authors with subjects outside the mainstream to get published more easily, and for readers with these interests to easily get their hands on books that historically never would have been stocked in the average bookstore.

I give immense gratitude to all of the authors of the works I have shared here. Each of you has had a significant impact on my life.


Ura P Auckland


Image Attribution:

  1. The Alchemist by Chad M under license CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


  1. What a great exercise! Made me want to list "my books." And what a delight to see my Numenon on the list! Readers should know that I'm making good progress on the rewrite of Mogollon, Numo's sequel. It's going in a totally different direction than it would have had I brought it out a few years ago. Ure, I'm a big Course in Miracles and Carlos Casteneda fan, with the same caveats you raise about peyote. The shaman in Numenon is based on my meditation master who was as primal a being as they come. From India. Oh. I just posted a video from a talk I gave on youtube. Valentine's day, living, writing from the heart, etc.

  2. Hi Sandy,Its so good to be connected. I am grateful to the universe for the connection with such a successful author. It is a connection I deeply value.Yes ACIM is powerful work. I want to get it out and restart the lessons at the beginning. I am watching your video. Thanks for the share.Blessings….Ure

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